Sudden Fury

UnknownSUDDEN FURY (A family torn apart)
Hij werd jarenlang misbruikt door zijn adoptie ouders….Als de lichamen van een ouder echtpaar worden aangetroffen, valt deverdenking meteen op hun geadopteerde zoon Michael, een aggressieve jongen die zich altijd heeft verzet tegen zijjn goedwillende ouders. Het politieonderzoek brengt echter verbijsterende feiten boven water en alles wijst erop dat Michael en zijn twee broers jarenlang zijn mishandeld door het echtpaar. Bovendien komt er plotseling een andere verdachte naar voren…


Engelse televisiefilm over misbruik in tehuizen en internaten. Erg confronterend. Uitstekende film. Indringend. No escape.

A Wonderful Portrayal of a Harrowing Subject
For the past few years, stories of child-abuse within childrens homes has been in the news throughout England and Wales.

This story concerns Davey Younger, a mischevious lad who’s put in care for a tad of trouble-making, and is subjected to unspeakable horrors by the people who are supposed to be looking after him. Davey finds that everyone that he turns to simply doesn’t want to know or simply doesn’t care. Even the suicide of his friend John isn’t enough to cause an investigation.

Then, we see Davey as a grown man, trying to forge a relationship with single-mum Pauline and her three children. He seems normal to the outside world, and even to Pauline, but when the story breaks in the news, Davey begins to crack.

Steven Mackintosh deals with his role as Davey wonderfully, portraying him as the mixed up, confused person that he is. This film is excrutiating to watch and the ending is unbearable. However, director Antonia Bird deals with both the subject and the film extremely well (just as she did in Priest(1994)) and presents a wonderful film for those who can actually bear to watch it.